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You're on a late night drive through the rural midwest headed to you're hometown. You see a gas station you don't recognize. Running low on gas, you decide to make a quick stop...

Night Stop is a short found footage horror game about being lost in the midwest


  • Twenty minutes of gameplay.
  • A heavy focus on immersion, atmosphere and visual story telling.
  • VHS effects and stylized graphics.
  • one ending.
Updated 2 days ago
Published 9 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorJonny's Games
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, found-footage, Horror, Immersive, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$2.36 USD or more

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As a native Hoosier, I can confirm this game is  100% accurate simulation of Indiana.  

Wow this game is creepy! That weird ending was great too. I loved it. Totally worth the money. Thank you!

NIce work as always 

Full Play NO Commentary 


this game was amazing. very creepy


This was so much fun! I loved that it heavily relied on the tone, sound effects, and atmosphere and not jumpscares to make it creepy and scary! It really paid off! Such a fantastic job!




So scary!!

Man, it freaked me out!!

I played it translating to Japanese:)




Well designed indie horror game. I truly enjoyed and fits perfectly with my channel's niche! 


Incredibly spooky!  Awesome Haunted PS1 visuals too



Nice work! Some really messed up scary visuals in here!


This was a fantastic short indie horror game. Lots of really cool elements and jumping through various times to tie the story together. Solid 8/10. Permission granted to use my video for social media purposes.


Pretty good, I was left with some questions at the end but overall I enjoyed it


Worth it!

Enjoyed the game overall. But I think I encountered a bug when I stepped through the door with the eye on it. I clipped through the floor into that long room with the shelves on both sides. Had to restart the game. Happend at  23:08

Thanks for letting me know about the bug, will look into it. Sorry it happened.


The game was good!!!, but I will not enter a gas station in the middle of the night again :)


I loved playing this game! I also played Slide In The Woods and loved that game as well. Keep it up Jonny Games, because you're gonna make it big within the indie game community, I can promise you that  ;)

i dont have the same bloodstains as STREAMERS do, and i am stuck with my mop. any ideas?

I literally dont have the bloodstains i see all of the commenters and streamers have: 

Are there any at the backwall with the drink coolers?


Another amazing game! The pacing and tension throughout was perfect and the ending was so creepy! Feel bad for these night shift workers.. 

This was great man! I was wondering where you'd gone after 'A Slide In The Woods' but I'm glad to see that time was spent topping your previous work. This game is good, like REAL good. No cheap nonsense and no holding back. I hope you've got more games in you because I'm trying to play all of them. 

Thanks for making games!


Heck yesssssss, mate!!


Just wanna say that you did a great job with this. Very impressive work!



Loved this, the slow burn at the beginning and then the gradual escalation and that ending was completely unexpected and gorgeous. This could be one of those games that is part of a larger horror mythology. 




Fantastic PSX Horror!

There were a lot of different elements in this game that brought me back to other horror media! The gore was well done as well, just enough to be unsettling without overdoing it!


Night Stop anybody? no good Cuz I wouldn't stop at a gas station in the middle of the night and then play a tape on the ground with devil makers on it

Bought this for a blog writing project for a class (we needed to cover something recent so I took to itchi.io to find a recently released game). Taken as a whole this game is a fantastic horror experience.

The sound design particularly got to me. Good sound design can make or break a game and it definitely made this one.


i thought this game was fantastic, going into it i was a little sceptical but everything aboout it was fantastic, the atmosphere, the unique puzzles, the freezer scene was by far one of the worst experiences EVER! the only thing i didnt particulary enjoy was the walk speed, i would say there is a argument that the speed of the character added to the horror experience and i would agree in some spots but for the better part it was just abit too slow, all in all though this was great and really worth the play! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! thank you!

Utterly creepy stuff. 

I really enjoyed the mix of new gameplay elements (sideways shuffling through tight spaces) and the more familiar standbys (menial tasks like mopping the floors).  The implied lore was handled well too. Definitely my favorite game you've made!

big fan of this one, very cool game

You are a master at tension building! I kept waiting for something to happen in those narrow spaces. 

Such a great little experience. Great example of how to do a good, slow, buildup of tension without using any loud noises or jumpscares. I appreciated the craft here. I also noticed a couple spots where it felt very liminal and couldn't help but get some screenshots. Excellent work.


Thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it. I loved your game Hypnagogia.


This was good! Really creepy and I found it interesting. I wonder what happened next? That puzzle near the end made me think, glad I got there in the end! Thank you for an awesome little horror! 


Pretty interesting game. Unfortunately I plated it right before the bug fix came out, haha. Still great, and I didn't run into any bugs or anything.

(1 edit) (+1)

1.02 patch note?

also walking is too slow


game is updated but it's still 1.02?


i was totally surprised by this game wasn't expecting the game to be very crazy. the atomsphere alone was very creepy unsetting. i really enjoy everything about this game. and i highly recommend and amazing work jonnys games. 


Gave it my Let's Play, again, gj, Jonny. Feedback, etc at the end of the video ;p 


that ending though... 


This was perhaps one of the best horror experiences I've had in awhile

You're feel for creating tension is unmatched, you don't plague the player with jumpscare after jumpscare to create the atmosphere. Your pacing was great and the story was unsettling!!

Awesome job and honestly that was the best 2 bucks I've spent 

Can't wait for more from you in the future!!!!

Much Love 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive


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