A downloadable game for Windows

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A downloadable short horror game for windows.

Can change sensitivity and FOV in the game settings by pressing escape.

HPSX Render Pipeline
UI Font asset by @LouieWoodhouse
Some sound and music from ZapSplat.com
Boom library death whistle pack.

Updated 4 days ago
Published 21 days ago
AuthorJonny's Games
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes


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Slide in the woods 1.2.zip 43 MB


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gameplay pt br

This was actually done really well, good concept and was a fun short experience. Keep up the good work :D

Quite impressed tbh, loved the classic VHS style, the atmosphere and sound design was good, honeslty gave e some scares but very enjoyable, good job! Even recorded it for my channel so check that out too if you wanna see how scare i got lmao.

This was awesome! Such a cool concept and the execution was perfect. Going through those tunnels gave me anxiety lol. Looking forward to your future projects! Keep up the great work! 

PS. Time stamps added for the games played in this video!

O JOGO É BOM? parece legal

This game was 
This game was fun not gonna lie

Really good job. Fun concept and actually got me with some scares.

The sounds were too much lol, I was even scared while editing even though I already played it and knew what was gonna happen, so good job dev 

Interesting, scary too! 

i like games that take me to a different world!



hey thanks, and the thumbnail for your video is really cool! :o


Very unnerving, so basically, It's Amazing!!!


great game !!!! can cause panic and scream like a man 


This was good! Good pace, good sound placement, great idea. The fact that the tunnel felt like it never ended... it was good for the chasing part. If there was even a chase xD Good job Jonny, I'll follow you to see more



Great game!!


Great job! I had a really good time with it, although I felt like I spent a little more time in the tunnels than I wanted to. Other than that, loved it!

This game was absolutely wild from start to finish. When I was done I was left speechless, and I loved it. Good job, mate. It's the second one in the vid.

gameplay pt br

This Game was Insane!

Hey good game dude I really liked the game!!! 

Gameplay PT-BR


The atmosphere definitely creeped me out, and I definitely got scared a couple times. I dropped a video if you guys want to check it out its pretty funny! 


Good game.


great game, nice job!


I'm never going on a slider ever again...

Great game! Scared the shit out of me.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very unsettling! Im hella claustrophobic, so this really ate at me! Very well done with the retro look! Im a sucker for classic retro vibes!

Not bad actually, but it feels kinda unfinished. looks like a murder's cave tour, would be better to add monster chasing moment at the end or something. (p.s. sensitivity is bad)

thanks for the feedback, the sensitivity can be changed in the settings by pressing escape (once your in the game).

bro the sensitivity 

(1 edit)

it can be changed in the settings.


I used to like slides as a kid, in fact I kind of still like going down them! Maybe not any more though. Especially slides found in the woods at night!!


nice game! even although i was traumized by the serial dude but it's still worth it. 


Cool concept! Now I never want to go on a slide again hahaha!


awsome game! like the idea and how it's so simple but yet so scary! 

Freaken scary game, will think twice before going down a slide not at a playground

Lol the twist came out of no where. Got me good! Great job making a creepy atmosphere!


This game makes me remember a lot of SCP-1562.


A really cool concept, I like the idea of normal things turning into portals to other places. There was a bit too much crawling for me but still overall a good creepy experience.

The game was cool!  I liked the idea of turning a slide into a horror game! The atmosphere was really well done too! 

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