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What are the instructions to move? I've tried using arrows and WASD without success. (Chrome on Mac)


great game! i absolutely will not be completeing it jesus christ


gr8 job almost shit myself :)

someone need to tell cory to play this

ikr cory needs to play this

it's scary I give it a


I really liked this game ( you did an amazing job)

10/10 freaking AMAZING !!!!

absolutely amazing game!

Nice game

i was expecting a jumpscare


This game is awesome you guys and girls should try bad ben

This was really fun experience! the last bit had me pretty on edge. I could definitely see Markiplier playing this in a three scary games video or something!

Wasn't very scary but kinda fun

it was so scary i shit my pants, i couldnt handle the pressure of removing the chains and feeding them

So good! VERY good I love games like this so much! tbh id love to see a content creator or something play this game...Such an experience! good job at making this <333



not even scary but good job make it more scary 

Fucking amazing

awesome 10/10


this game was really well made and a ton of fun, good job 

Short and sweet! The sound design was great, mixed with a nice old style that lended itself well to the atmosphere you were going for. I liked the mystery, and how it was left up to interpretation. The only thing I didn't like was the crawl meter mechanic, it seemed unnecessary and was kinda tedious. Otherwise was nice short horror!

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This game was amazing! I loved the atmosphere of the game, and I especially loved the chase at the end! Great job!

Me gustó mucho. El sonido de fondo es terrorífico y cada secuencia da más miedo que la anterior.

good game


It was ok

Amazing game with interesting controls!

Lo jugué hace muuuuucho me gustó y me pegó un par de sustos hahahaha

This is very much the Carnivorous slide isn't it? I really like inspired games like this and the atmosphere was excellent all the way until the end, the claustrophobic vent like area chases were adrenaline pumping accompanied by the sound design of the creature. Thank you for making this!

Great game!👍🤙

This was a great game

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very good

very spooky game, idk if there was more beyond the part i stopped playing at but i didnt know what to do and i got way too scared to continue 😀 


Aquele agradavel passeio no parque

no mortal barriers can hold me!!

This was posted September 2021, w game btw

very cool game, the ending was great, i think more spooks building up at the start wouldve went brilliantly but for a demo/one shot, very good

I downloaded this expecting a meme horror game about a slide.
Instead I got a pants-pissing experience. GG.
A Slide in the Woods Full Playthrough - Indie Horror Spotlight #5 - YouTube

this was a really good game! I love low-poly aesthetics and especially for horror games! 

Amazing Game! Definitely made me question slides again lol! The low-poly type feel makes it even scarier as well.

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