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nice work =)

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Great game, I found the lore of the Tornuktu very interesting and wish this game was longer! Check out this story explained video I made on it whenever you have the time :)

Creepy little game, loved it!

Amazing game, loved the lord behind the Tornuktu, considering it’s a myth. Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to see what next project comes out.

I made a whole YouTube video about it with funny and scary moments in between, check it out! ❤️


Hey! I played your game in my new Christmas Horror Games video! Highly enjoyed it! Keep 'em games coming, mate!

4 Christmas Horror Games

I really enjoyed this so much it was such a great game and I loved the little storybook that added details and lore great game 

Really good game! There's potential here i hope you continue to make games!

still good 


o it was good. Give it a go.

very nice game! good story and creepy atmosphere!

Scary game. I liked it. Played here :)

actually terrifying. the design of the tornuktu and everything else is done so well. keep up the good work!

Honestly loved the idea of this game, the whole folklore idea and reading about the Tornuktu as stuff starts happening. (Game starts at 14:04)

Amazing!! 10 out of 10

Yo tengo interes en informarme por medio de este comentario si es posible conseguir algun happy endin, porque ando medio sad


This Is one Of the Scariest horror Games i Played in a long time great job making this game

Neat little game! Really had fun playing it.

The Tornuktu game starts at 23:44

Your game is the first one in the video!

I really enjoyed this one. I have not heard of the Tornuktu before, but gradually having the things you read happen was fun, and the snowmen were deliciously grotesque! Good, spooky yuletide cheer all around!

афигеть блен ваще дебил ваш торнукту испугал меня до какашки

How could I be afraid of that beautiful smile? :)

Gameplay en español

muy turbine el juego

5 estrellas 

muy buen juego 

That's cruel

Thank for this game !
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I'd say it's a pretty cool thing and looks exactly what you were aiming for. Creepy story, iterated spooky action, fast jump scares. I give this a 10/10 for a short story jump scare. Nice. (Good controls too!)

It was very fun, there gonna be a little bit of spoilers here so stop reading if you dont want that, I noticed you could go in the chimney before anything happened and I thought that was where I was gonna have to hide, I was very incorrect 

Extremely fan to play!

Honestly thought this was a real legend until I looked it up afterwards. Really neat game, 7.7/10.

It's really scary

Cool story. Can't beat a good old xmas massacre... :)


Let's go friends

Cool game


good game really liked the idea
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