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Great game!Good Job! :) 

I didn't know this story and I thought the game was really fun!


He turned my mama into a snowman, Love the game great work!

he done killed my ma smh (loved the game keep up the good work!)

I can't believe u killed Mama 

still loved the game tho

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second game in this vid very fun

This is a pretty awesome short game. I like it

Never heard of Tornuktu, but it was so good!

It was really nice! had me spook real good. also these snowmen are hella creepy


Un juego corto pero que igualmente está bien. 

No commentary version

Algo corto, pero bastante entretenido, lo jugué en mi video mas reciente de tres juegos randoms


Ese no es santa. Buen juego


this game was so fun its the second game in the video 

Okay this game surprised me. I love the idea of the lore, and it does look like it was touching upon the lore of Tariaksuq and Wendigo's. Which is a good thing. the animation of the creature was also better, and had some great pacing. Really enjoyed myself. I haven't played a game from this developer before, but I'd be interested in trying another. The sfx really is what sold it for me, that and that chimney scene. Like my god. Overally really like this. 


Now tornuktu will haunt my nightmares too! I loved the game and its theme.

This was so creepy my good

Good short horror game!

Short but last attack gets me

Nice game and i like the story on this game. Good Job!

the game is small and its not very scary either

still fun tho

nice nice little but very polished game :)

this was a spoopy game and other than me not being able to read I thought it was a good game!

I made another video recommending this game since I had a lot of fun playing it, I want others to try it too. Happy holydays!

Hello! I had a lot of fun playing the game. It was pretty scary since I wasn't sure when the monster will appear bc of the footstep sound. Also literally every part of it. Like snowmany around the house, mum's face on the snowman, chimney jumpscare it was absolutely PERFECT! Great job! Merry Christmas <3

The snowmen did me dirty by blocking the exits great game btw

Great Game !

this is like one of the first games that made me feel uneasy playing (in a good way)

if japan was a christmas horror game (Game #4)

Awesome game played it with my sister!

This game was very good and the ending was very crazy! loved it!

played this on a 3 scary games with my girlfriend, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work! 

Cool game yo 


Happy Holidays to all of y'all, take to time to check out this video it's great!
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I love the story used in this game it feels so original.

Also just gotta say I love your game's dude keep them coming!

I really enjoyed this game, the folklore and the tension build-up worked a treat! I look forward to more projects from you in the future, congrats. This game is the 2nd in the video, please enjoy :)

Wonderful experience!! I really enjoyed this one! 

Nice horror game featuring christams time! Is the story of Tornuktu a real folklore story?

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