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This game is incredible. Great gameplay, great sound effects and the creepy visuals of it are insane. 

Thanks for making this!

At the end of the video there's an extended version of this opinion, hope you enjoy. 

merry Christmas have a good one this year 


very scary

That one got me a few times lol Merry Christmas!

Full Play No Commentary 

Happy holidays to u, thanks for playing :)

Have a happy  new year everyone!!!

This game was genuinely terrifying. The scariest part was (spoilers ahead)

reading that snowmen start to surround your house before he attacks. Super unsettling to see. I was also more scared by the snowmen for some reason. The dead look in their eyes and expressions. Loved it.

Great game, I love that it's creepy Christmas game! Had great details, look forward to playing more games by you!!

I loved this. Very creepy for a short simple game. 

Good game, but i managed to break it, he glitch out at the end while chasing me, i guess i was too close to the table.

thanks for letting me know

This was dope! Keep up the great work.


This is good stuff! I thought it would be a bit longer but so far this seems to be the only good Christmas horror game this year from what I can tell.

Thanks for making games!

Super creepy  Christmas  game . Love the snowman out the windows . Great game! Look forward to playing more by you! The game is the last one in the video and starts at 21:57

Creepy and spooky game, overall very nice experience :)

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big creepy story .

Short but not bad at all. Love how as time goes on it gets creepier and creepier. Made a video on it.

Loved the game, the monster's design was geniunly creepy, shame it was so short and monster didn't toyed with the kid enough. Hope you will make more games like this.

C'est vraiment du beau boulot ! BRAVO !
L'atmosphère est bonne, la peur monte progressivement et les derniers instants sont flippant. 5/5

Is the Tornuktu a legit Alaskan Myth? I would love a link to read up on it. Beyond that, game's fairly solid. I just wish the monster messed with the players a bit more before the end.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I was wondering if it was a legit myth, too. I like reading up on folklore, but the only stuff I can find searching the name of this one is stuff about the game and I'm starting to doubt it.

That's a bummer. It would be great if it was a legit myth

On your profile it says your kinda struggling, so im gonna give you some tips.

If your gonna make games, start off with a good game engine like Unity or Godot and don't just use code only.

For the coding aspect, watch tutorials for everything you want to add. It helps to learn logic and how things work.

Start with making simple prototypes of games like flappy bird so you can get the hang of coding first.

I hope these helped you, but don't listen if you like because i am a 10 year old lol

Thanks for the tips! I haven't updated my page in a hot minute, I should get on that at some point.

I actually started using Visual Novel Maker in my free time, bc I can make imagemaps in it to make games that run off of mouse control and it's pretty non-code friendly (I had been using Ren'py for a bit but their support community is awful). I've been wanting to make more actually completed stuff since I have a lot of half-done ideas.

Im literally 10 years old

sorry for replying on such a hectic comment section, i didnt realise until after i posted the comment lol

thx for joining my jam btw

nice game! Can you subscribe my channel please?

Really good game

horror game

Is there only one ending? I was taken away by a mysterious monster. It's so scary!

Yes one ending.

Playing 3 Horror games on including this one

Great horror game.

freaking scary.

This was actually a really good Christmas horror story!  Graphics and the scares are amazing!

Bastante interesante me gustó un par de minutitos, si les gustaría un gameplay en español acá les dejo el mio :P


Good game. Nice creatures.

You actually got me with a jump scare! Good on ya, mate! It was fun. I would liked to have seen those other locked rooms utilized in some fashion but it was still fun nonetheless.

lowkey, exactly, you know?

Very cool.

(1 edit)

Well this sure was something :3 I did not know what to expect, but it sure was scary! I think I missed a couple of times I was suppose to read the book haha. My very original video playing the game..LOL: 

LOVED THIS! Great story telling as you read more and more of the book and also GREAT building of atmosphere! Totally recommend giving it a try! Here's my playthrough!

After "Slide in the woods", this really hit me differently... 

The positive side of the game is that it has cozy, silent atmosphere, which lures you deeper into the story of "Tornuktu" and premise for it seemed excellent, a bit of variation of Krampus and Wendigo, yet still interesting, until towards the middle, when I realized that the game was just simple walking around, triggering events and reading until the end jump scare.

Once again, you set the bar so high in your previous game, that this fell flat on the ground. Same goes for the sound design, which was not handled that well and the final confrontation felt a bit late. Not mentioning the fireplace sequence, which also, I though was delivered late. 

The game is not bad, it has no bugs, no issues as far as it goes for the application itself, but the content is a bit dry. Hope for the upcoming games to change the pace and add some flavor to the genre, like you did with the sliding game. 

Good luck. 

Hello thanks for the feedback, 

I'm really glad you liked Slide in the woods. It was a game I spent multiple months on and feel really passionate for. While I also tried hard to make this game a good horror experience  I was also only able spent two weeks on it so there were things that had to be done for simplicity sake to get it finished in time for the holidays. I have however been working on another long-term horror project which will feature much more so hopefully that's something you will enjoy. 

Cool Game enjoyed it a lot! In my version the doors seemed to lack a collision box tho :) Keep up the good work.

this was a fun lil game i enjoyed it ! here is my vid about it and hope you wont mind me ranting a bit about it :D


Great little game, very atmospheric! I'm never reading a book again, Merry Christmas.

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