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The atmosphere is really what made this game creepy! I also had some really funny moments throughout my playthrough! Check it out here!

Ah... finally a game to help me address my obvious Cliethrophobia as well as feed a hole estranged to an alternate dimension! Seriously this was a neat one, I always love the PS1 style horror, and I love seeing a simple concept work out well!

cool game

Good games!!

This game really got me with the spooks and atmosphere! Legit started panicking at certain points! Great job!! 

i.. just wanted to slide to freedom

 Great use of atmosphere, claustrophobia and that crawl meter! Lots of fun!


scary asf

Atmospheric and thought-provoking. I love how it doesn't spell everything out for you. Good job!


20 minutes wasted. I will never in my life, get those 20 minutes back. thank you so very much.


Atmosphere is everything, this game proves that.. 

For such a simple setup and design, you really nailed the horror aspect. The sound design during the chase sequences was amazing!

This genuinely terrified me so much... that chase scene was the most intense thing I played in awhile! Great work, can't wait to play more games of yours! 

This game is in its own class of scary, using a slide as a point of evil and a demon that lives there is amazing 

Thanks for the great game and I cant wait for more


This was really good! I love the atmosphere and concept of the slide itself!

Check out my gameplay. This game was great.

This Game Was Heat
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Hiiii Jonny! Thanks so much for making this game, it was pretty different from the regular indie games that I play for my channel, in the sense that it actually had a happy ending! That was totally unexpected and also the idea of a slide that teleports you to another place is really nice, I enjoyed the ambiance & the short story you had going on with your game... ultra fun getting back to my "childhood" by riding a slide 😜 here´s my gameplay:

Quite unique, nothing quite like it either.  You will enjoy this one. Give it a try, and check the video for full gameplay.

Really interesting idea. It has a nice creepy atmosphere as well. 

Great job!

i love the pt feel of this game. great work!

Great game!  Got creepy when it started to get dark.  Game here: 

Subscribe please. First game play of three.

Wow scary

Short, sweet and terrifying!

wow!!! That was fantastic. Not sure I totally understood everything that was going on. But damn that was fun and scary only a master can take something like going down a slide and turning it into something scary

The build up of tension in this was *chef's kiss*


Thanks For The Experience Jonny! good Game

so unique! I absolutely loved this, keep up the awesome work. 

Great game!


gran ambientacion sonora y atmosferica. El terror está en el misterio y este juego lo logra mucho mejor que otros AAA.


a unique indie horror game in 2021, rare.

Interestingly creepy visuals, almost LSD Dream Emulator-like.

The atmosphere was also great, and the whole chase scene was well done and intense.

The only nitpicks or complaints I would have are maybe that the monster opening the door atop the stairs/alter coming in could be faster, would be more panic-inducing, or urgent.

Overall really good!

thank you! and thanks for the feedback.


Bellissima esperienza coinvolgente...nel tunnel avevo paura a voltarmi. Grande idea. Ho realizzato un video su questo gioco,se vuoi controlla.


Its a Great slide...

WHAT WAS CHASING ME!!! This game was fire I loved it keep up the great work!

Best game I've played on Itch so far, you've accomplished more with your atmosphere than some AAA companies have recently. Incredible work, looking forward to more!

Made a thing.

This game had stellar atmosphere (no pun intended) In all seriousness this game was a real gem! I really like the concept of going down the slide and everything around you changing. With all that being said this was really fun and spooky and I wish you the best of luck!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

this game is really fun tbh, the ending was really good and i like how the cutscenes go from inside the slide to what changes when you come out! good game :D

POV: you're a child about to go down the worlds most dangerous slide

This was actually super interesting. Last section was a bit dragged and hoped the monster would be more of a menance but overall pretty good! Well fine devs.

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