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Wow, this game is great, nice work!!

I swear I've had this exact nightmare before, 10/10 skin did that weird crawly thing.

I really enjoyed this horror game! It was an amazing concept and was executed perfectly. I am looking forward to playing more games from this developer. Good length of playtime too. Not too short, not too long. I really had fun!! Thanks again :)

This game was really funny and interesting, You have only one task - to go down the slide. But it makes you wonder what will be at the end of the slide, and that's why you are going down again and again aaaand again! If You ask me, I would suggest this game for You! :)

Really enjoyed the concept of this game! Keep it up guys! If anyone is interested, here's my playthrough:

Great game, Great concept, Great terror.

This was fun and anxiety filled game, I liked it a lot! Good work developer!

Some PT vibes on this one =) Good slow burn and a cool idea! I play this with my sister Ayda. Check the vid here!! Props to the creator!!

alright I think the scariest part of this game was the chase scene it had me constantley looking back to make sure I woulden't get caught od that scared me also i need some holy water for my eyed after seeing the monste

Nice job, is kinda strange but i like it :3


This game confused and scared me...10/10

this game is amazing ! go to see my react


Why did we continue going down the slide- anyways. It gave me chill's! Very good horror game!!

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The Chase Sequence Also Gave Me Chills But Found Out Hes Too Slow..

Idk if this was a bug or whatever
But after I went down the slide after the thing got dragged down It was just the pixly dark screen. I couldnt see anything and after 5 minutes of that i restarted the game and got the  same thing.
So idk but yeah

Really powerful atmosphere. I really liked the tension when crawling around hoping for something not to jump on my back. Well done !

I had so much fun with this! Hope you like the edits, would mean the world to me if you checked this out <3

Very unique take on horror, taking a simple slide and pushing further and further both in horror and artistic aspects.

amazing game

This game is freaking scary, it have a uneasy feeling environment

A like from you guy will help me alot on growing my small channel, thank you dev team and Viewer

Awesome little horror experience, definitely can't wait to see what your future projects are like. 

Earned my follow and my support


Stay Safe Stay Positive 

Much Love 


This was pretty scary! 0_0

I really enjoyed this! This kinda stuff is right up my alley!

My only critique is that I didn't notice the monster chasing me at the end, so I didn't really have any urgency moving through that last section. Perhaps you could require the player to approach the opening it comes out of, or force the camera to focus on it when it gets near? Just something to make sure the player sees the danger (though my not seeing it may be unique, so take that with a grain of salt).

Even without seeing the monster, I really loved the atmosphere and the overall vibes I got from it! Good luck with your future projects!

Why does it have to be in the damn woods


this was awesome and especially the graphics made it scarier than you should think.

I usually don't play horror games, but playing this kinda wants to make me play more, thanks for the great experience!

This game was a treat to play. The smooth transitioning and the small hints to the lore impacted a lot in the horror aspect. The chase was nerve wrecking and I love it. Great job on this one.

this was an interesting game I hope you make more like it 

I Enjoyed This. it made me scream like a little girl and reminded me of some of my favorite S.C.P stories. The audio did great with setting the eerie tone of the whole game and had me on the edge of my seat. 


I absolutely LOVED your game! Made me scream one of my loudest screams ever XD If anything, this was honestly like an "Isekai horror game" since you had to travel to a different world and then travel back to your own world. Loved the concept and loved how you capitalized on the atmosphere.

A creepy game indeed

Very nice game pretty spooky and very well made.

This game was really good! the way it goes from day to night is really creepy and the chase scene scared me!


Not too scary of a game. Well, that is until you're being actively pursued in that slide-like tunnel system. Yeah, I wasn't messing with that in the slightest. Anyway, it was a pretty good game that kept me intrigued all throughout its entirety.

video is really good is it your video but i think it is because it is your accounts name


How do you open this on mac

pls help

Unpack the archive, then go to the "Contents -> macOS" folder, and then run «Slide in the woods»?

idk it doesn't work

it just opens some text file

RBM on «Slide in the woods» -> Open With -> Terminal

idk it doesn't work

it just opens some text file

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this was GREAT! would be better if my CAMERA DIDNT DIE. kids, charge your battries before use. take it from a professional  (people here get it one day early :) )

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