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Great game. Lots of buildup and a terrifying monster, all in 2 weeks. Very impressive.

Just amazing, really short game but so good, the models are really nice, especially the monster :) It was the perfect atmosphere build-up. I loved playing this and most of the time folklore legends horror games are really good. 

Even though not everybody will agree to this, I think allowing more exploration in the other rooms would have been more interesting, but it is not such a big deal since it isn't really necessary to go in all the rooms.

Good job Jonny, another great horror game :)

Do you have a business email I can contact?

I updated my profile with it.

great game!



This is supposed to be a special time of year, not fearing of getting my face eaten! hahaha, I appreciate some festive spookiness! All the visuals that kept popping up outside the windows and doors were an extremely nice touch. Made me feel very unsafe! And I swear, that moment in the fireplace gave me heavy FNaF vibes.

Great Work!

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Great game. I pooped myself.

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Tres bon jeu! Grosse ambiance malaisante et angoissante, bravo!


that was so cool lul <3 good job!

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Awesome game! Thank you so much for this awesome experience. I didn't think it would be that good, but man was I wrong!

i am gonna watch it before i play it am really scared

This was really, really good, thankyou so much for sharing it! :) Recorded it for a video on a whim with no idea what I was going into hah, very memorable!

Nice, short Christmas horror game, I really like the use of a different creature rather than Krampus. I did get caught when the monster started chasing me, could not stop laughing seeing it appear right in my face.

nice game! ❤

Damn, short game but ho shit i was scared, thing that a lot of game forget, ambiance and sounds, no matter how game looks, this one will be scary. Great job from the dev, also


the books explaining what's going to happend is just way more stressfull. Like at the end "Once he start attacks a house, nothing can stop it' and i was like *Ho shit, holy shit no, that isn't going to end well*

AN amazing game~~~! keep u the amazing work~UwU

This game is incredible. Great gameplay, great sound effects and the creepy visuals of it are insane. 

Thanks for making this!

At the end of the video there's an extended version of this opinion, hope you enjoy. 


Excellent game 

I recorded a video with Chinese translation


Bro.... incredible work for such a short game

Thanks :)


Nice game

This was a really cool short horror game that has an interesting element of stories coming to life. Great monster designs, pacing, and overall story. Great work!

thank you!

I LOVE THIS GAME. Super unique!


This was really good, well done!

Thank you :)

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Im a content creator from the hispanic community and I love the game highly recommended 10/10

Great horror game, great atmosphere! I love the build up of everything that's going on while you read lol, it makes the whole experience super freaky!! - 1st game I played :)

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Not really a game. More like an interactive experience. A good interactive experience. There is no way to win.

Got me good! Screamed like a little child on a couple occasions xD keep up the amazing work!!!

easy game :

This was really good, the concept was very neat and creepy, great job :)


thanks stella, thanks for playing :)

I loved the game I like creepy/scary Christmas games and I just wish it was longer (pause) but all in all a pretty good game, also Merry Christmas to everyone!



es muy bueno 

Is that what call it "Building up the Suspense?" and of course really great ps1 style graphics. I really like retro style games :D

Was Livestreamed on twitch, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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