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That's cruel

Thank for this game !
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I'd say it's a pretty cool thing and looks exactly what you were aiming for. Creepy story, iterated spooky action, fast jump scares. I give this a 10/10 for a short story jump scare. Nice. (Good controls too!)

It was very fun, there gonna be a little bit of spoilers here so stop reading if you dont want that, I noticed you could go in the chimney before anything happened and I thought that was where I was gonna have to hide, I was very incorrect 

Extremely fan to play!

Honestly thought this was a real legend until I looked it up afterwards. Really neat game, 7.7/10.

It's really scary

Cool story. Can't beat a good old xmas massacre... :)


Let's go friends

Cool game


good game really liked the idea

It was fun from the start to the end 

This game is actually so well made and scary I made a video on to start my YouTube channel!

Cool but very short 4/5


pls TORNUKTU 2 plsss :)

Hello, I have recorded myself playing your game (mic audio isn't too good, sorry about that) but when you have the time can you take a gander? I enjoyed your game, I thought it was pretty fun, funny, and scary at the same time: That Thing did my MOM DIRTY!!! | Tornuktu - YouTube

Recently played this game for my channel and it genuinely had me unnerved during certain parts 10/10 would recommend



Nice game thanks for making it.  I'm enjoying these short creepy horror games at the moment.  Keep up the good work. 

it was short but amazing

Hey family, this game is fantastic, I'm Brazilian and I'm bringing games like this to our communit

loved the suspense build up i played your game second i hope to see more work from you 

Played at 6:55. The best game in the video. Loved it and it terrified me, as you can see from the thumbnail. 

Check out my video.


Very Scary, dude.

awesome scary as hell

keep up the great work hope to see more games from you 


I had a TON of fun with this game!  Great scares plus lotsa jumping off points for Lets Play content!  Awesome!

please update

I love this game so much. I did a video of me playing it.

this is a really scary game.

Hi! I would love to see you participate in my Game Jam!

this game is sooo creepy, the fireplace jumpscare got me lmao


hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 👍😘

Incredible! ❤️


Cool game here's a speedrun

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