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Great game! Thank you.

10/10 would never use a slide again

hey there!

awesome content, i had alot of fun!

such a good well made game! super creepy! 



Great game, thought i was going to get jumped scared at the end lol

Very panick inducing!, loved it

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who knew riding a slide in the middle of the woods could have so much mysterious things to happen I enjoyed the game regardless It earned a spot in my series I played it last here in my video

Gameplay from Indonesia 

Hier ein Deutsches Letsplay, enjoyed the game simple but effective concept!!!


when i heard those stomps i turned the game off fast af do not play this with the lights off it feels like your being watched threw the window..


I'm going to slide

So happy I was finally able to play this game for myself! Loved every second of it! 

This is an amazing game!

I lied- it isn't-
It's brilliant! I hadn't played it myself when I saw YuB play it so I came here to check it out and oh my god, this was terrifying.

I highly recommend this game for newcomers of the indie horror genre.

I LOVE it.

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It was a very interesting experience! Unfortunately I didn't get to meet any monsters, but it was still fun!

I really enjoyed the game.

This game was fun and heart pounding, I understood nothing until it happened. WELL DONE.

This was a really fun game! My one strife is not allowing me to slide down the pole :'( The monster really caught me off guard, highly recommend if you enjoy crapping your pants! lol

I usually try to sort by new and popular or even just newest to find indie horror games but I do not regret trying this one out. Can see why so many people played it last year! Very fun, do wish we could climb up the slide if even just once. Haha

That was really good! the build up was great, the tension was excellent. The crawling mechanic was a little jerky, but interesting! 

10/10 bro

I loved it. great atmosphere 

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The game is AWESOME but... i just found a bug its 1% chance i guess but still, when you go down for the last time - (to hell or something like that) there is a chance that when you teleport to this location you will be teleported behind the map, either it happened to me such a glitch or I found a bug, but still game really spooky and cool.

(and if you want to see this glitch you will not because i deleted video with this glitch accidently and now im really sad.)

I liked the atmosphere and the intense chase in the slide. Pretty good game.

Well done, intense.

Loved this game would be cool to see an extended version

epic game good job making it

If you dont hit your head on the way down, you get a demon chasing you down!

Starts at:  14:47

Really nice game! I liked the graphics and the experience. good job 👍

thank for this game !

You made a great mix with something as innocent as children slide and something as terrifiying as aztec culture of sacrificing and monsters. The slide and the tunels also gave the game a touch anxeity and claustrophobia while you are crawling for your dear life from the monster. I just wish you expanded the story and the lore but all in all a very good game.


Wow, great little game! The most innocent children's playground apparatus makes for a well creepy horror setting, fantastic stuff. I definitely enjoyed that! This is my playthrough, please take a look, if you enjoyed it then leave a like and subscribe!


Yea never going outside ever again...

Made a video feel free to check it out🐥


I am never going on a slide. ever again. great game



This was great.

my favorite part was the slide,  but also the woods


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