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Could you send the UI font please. I can't seem to find it on the Twitter page

It was a short and rather scary game

یک بازی کوتاه و نسبتا ترسناک بود


I believe the slide is cursed... dont slide down the slide unless you want to time travel...? 


Loved this game.

Deleted post

I love this game <3

I hated that. I really hated that ToT (as in I was scared shitless lmao). At the end tunnel sequence I started crying!! You really know how to make a scary game, well done!


Really good game.  Thought the slide was adorable.  Always kids/cute stuff mixed in with horror always makes for good scares.

I highly recommend this game, the disturbing sounds like footsteps behind you definitely make for a very tense, unnerving playthrough. I was sweating bullets by the end, was a very enjoyable playthrough though! 10/10

this game made me jump when i played for the first time


Played this at night in a discord call with friends and almost died, i recomend it its great




Good game. Scared the living daylights out of my nerves.


Hi, I played your game. It was so creative, good job on the game.

as soon as i get on this page it reminds me of scp 1562


The game is awesome! Simple and scary lol. Loved the jumping mechanics . 


I love short Atmospheric games so much to play after Work 

pretty spooky and a fun little horror game! the claustrophobia i felt in the tunnels was pretty scary, and the crawling mechanic was a nice touch and gave a good sense of urgency

This was so spooky! I thought I was just gonna enjoy a nice nostalgic ride down the slide. Wasn't expecting ... all of that. 0_o Awesome job Dev!

Interesting concept of a horror game loved it

Loved it.

that was awesome


Great game, the creep factor and uneasiness are spot on, my community absolutely loved the game. Well done.

   Also a TikTok that ppl seem to love:

The Part Where You Have To Crawl Got Me All CLenched Up bruh, Never Getting On A Slide Again

awesome game!! this gave me a buncha anixiety and chills DX


Love it. I certainly didn't expect a lot of things that happened. Also, I like the way you hid loadings. Would recommend.

My daughter recommended the game. She told me at least I did better than anyone else she's watched lol gg

probably the scariest game i've ever played! it played into so many of my personal phobias. after i finished filming the video i had to calm myself down for like 20 minutes afterwards because it legitimately gave me an anxiety attack. the chase scene gave me nightmares as well! 10/10

Very good short 3d horror game, keep making more games!

This is one of the best short horror games. Great lore, great macabre horror, great creep factor, AAA. Hope to play more from this developer. 

Adorei seu jogo cara!

sem duvida nenhuma  uma das melhores experiências em jogos que eu já tive o prazer de jogar 


This was very cool. Body being dragged in to the tension of trying to crawl fast enough made for a very exciting run of emotions. Great stuff... :)

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Your creativity and skill on this project was an amazing experience my dude. You making the new classics!

It was a good game.

A good game and even creepy. Well done.


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